Large Boxes


We offer two large sizes of pre-made boxes, both of which are two-piece types (lid and base): 8.5" x 11" and  13" x 19". Please note, these boxes are designed to to hold 8.5" x 11" or 13" x 19" prints. The lids are slightly larger to fit over the separate and slightly smaller bottom piece. 

Both boxes are available to be produced via Offset Output and a minimum quantity of 1,000.


13" x 19" Two-Piece Box

Top Sheet Size - 28.34" x 22.22"

Bottom Sheet Size - 28" x 21.89"

Depth (assembled) - 1.75"


8.5" x 11" Two-Piece Box

Top Sheet Size - 17.25" x 19.75"

Bottom Sheet Size - 16.75" x 19.31"

Depth (assembled) - 1.62"


We can create boxes in custom shapes and sizes as well. For more information, see: Custom Boxes.

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