What is the difference between Tissue Paper and Wrapping Paper?

Both of these Jukebox products are great packaging options that let you have your own custom design or logo printed on the paper.

Tissue Paper is a delicate material that is slightly translucent and extremely pliable. We offer 2 types of Tissue Paper in a variety of sizes: 1pt White Standard and 1pt White Wax. We print this product with offset output and with up to 2 Pantone coated colors (one side only). Tissue Paper can be ordered at a minimum quantity of 1,000 sheets. See Tissue Paper Comparison for more information.

Wrapping Paper is made out of stronger recycled Kraft paper, available in a variety of shades from white to brown and thicknesses from 3pt to 8pt. It offers more protection and is less pliable than Tissue Paper, especially in the thicker options. Wrapping Paper is ordered by individual roll (24" wide), with varying lengths available up to 450'. This product is available with black ink only or full color CMYK, but with exceptions. Please review our Wrapping Paper FAQs for more information.

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