Design Considerations for Black Kraft



Black Kraft is a unique uncoated paper that is 100% recycled and offers a soft black colour.

The following points should be considered when creating your design for this product:

  • Printed with Black ink only (no other colours can be printed on this stock)
  • Suitable for simple designs only
  • Not recommended for printing photographs or gradients
  • Vector artwork is recommended for the best results on this product


Fine Details on Black Kraft

We recommend the same minimum line weight for this product as most of our other digital output products - 0.4pt or thicker.

Since this is a product that uses shiny black ink over more muted matte black paper, the design will appear more subtly than it would printed in black over a regular white paper (there will be less contrast).

For text, we suggest to make font sizes larger than usual to make it easier to read.
We recommend 12-14pt font size for any text that is important on this product.

You can choose to print text smaller than this font size, and as long as it is within the recommended line weight, it should print properly. It might not be that easy to read however.



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