How will printed colours look on stocks from the Colour Collection?

Ink colours will appear differently over the coloured stocks, compared to how they appear when printed on a white paper.

The amount of colour shift will vary depending on the colours used in your design and the colour of the paper you choose. Stocks with more intense or deeper shades will have a more obvious affect on the printed colours, and are therefore recommended to print with black ink for the best results. This includes options like Fiery Red, Royal Blue, Ocean Blue and Army Green.

Mahogany Red is the darkest stock within this collection, and is only available to order with a foil stamped design, as printed ink cannot be seen.

If you are planning to print a full colour CMYK design on one of the coloured stocks, it is important to note that we do not print white ink as part of regular CMYK printing. Elements in your design that are white will be considered blank (hence show the natural colour of the paper). The paper stock will effect the way that colours appear due to the slightly translucent quality of the ink (you will see the paper through the ink, especially in lighter shades). Lighter ink shades or colours similar to the colour of the paper you are printing on may not be very visible, as there won't be enough contrast between the paper colour and the ink. This occurs most often with light and pastel colours.

As a general rule, it is best to avoid printing colours that are lighter than the paper itself. Pure Black ink is always a good choice when printing on coloured stock if you are concerned about the contrast.

If a white or light coloured design is important to your design, you should order this product with foil stamping instead of ink printing.

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