How does foil differ from full color printing on the Color Collection stocks?

Foil is a premium printing service that involves the creation of a custom metal die of your artwork. The die is then used to stamp the foil material onto the surface of your product. We offer many different colors and finishes of foil; ranging from Matte White, to metallic colors like Gold or Silver. The cost of Foil is calculated based on each color used on each side of your design.

While printed ink has a somewhat translucent quality and will show the color of the paper through light ink colours, Foil is an opaque material that sits on the surface of the stock and will not alter.

You should not choose Foil if:

  • You want the most economical option available
  • You are printing a photographic image
  • Your design includes gradients

You should choose Foil if:

  • You have a vector design that you need printed in white and on a colored paper stock
  • You want a true metallic color in your design
  • You want a premium product
  • You are able to set up the proper files for foil stamping

See: File Setup for Foil

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