Design Considerations for Mini Boxes

Since this product includes a unique shape, our templates should be used to ensure the design is set up properly. These can be downloaded on the Mini Box product page, and used in design software such as Photoshop, InDesign or Illustrator.

If you do not have your own design software or are not able to create a design, our in house Design Department will be happy to take on your project. Additional costs will apply for design work and will be quoted to you by one of our experienced designers based on your request. You can request Design Services here.


Design Considerations

  • Printing can be full bleed on both sides (outside and inside the final assembled box). On uncoated stocks, you may see some slight cracking of the ink along the scored edges of the box. 
  • Slight shifting will occur during the printing, die-cutting and scoring processes, which means your artwork may shift slightly in any direction. For this reason, we do not recommend trying to register printed artwork to line up perfectly with the fold lines, as we can't guarantee this type of registration.
  • Some of the box styles are very small, but the design should still meet our recommendations for digital output printing. Line weights are recommended at 0.5pt or thicker. Font sizes are recommended at 6pt or more, but this can vary depending on the line weights used in the font style you choose.

There are also design considerations to note for each of the paper types available for this product. Learn more about designing for Silk Matte Laminate and Brown Kraft.

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