Screen Printed T-Shirts FAQs

How do I order Screen Printed T-Shirts?

This premium option for printed Ts is only available through Print Quote request, and is limited to 3 colours. We also accept a minimum quantity of 10 screen printed T-shirts per design.


What areas of the shirt can be screen printed?

Front and Back:

This is the most recommended area for having your design screen printed (within 12.5" x 17.5").


We recommend keeping your print area at least 0.5 inches away from seams and the neck line. The maximum recommended size for artwork on the sleeve is 6.5" x 5".

These areas can be printed on, however you must accept the risk of an inconsistent outcome caused by the seam.

Sides (Wraparound):

It is possible to have a wraparound design screen printed by custom request, however there are some restrictions on the design. Please submit a Print Quote request for review by our team and we will let you know if your wraparound design can be printed.

*Additional costs will apply for screen printing on multiple print areas.


Can the T-Shirts be washed?

Yes, the print is fully washable. We use the highest quality screen-printing inks, therefore the print will likely outlast the life of the shirt itself.

The print will shrink and stretch with the shirt. Minimal shrinkage will occur when first washed – as with any new cotton shirt.

We recommend only ironing on a low-heat setting on the back side of the print to extend the lifetime of the print.


What Style of T-Shirts do you offer with Screen Printing?

We use Premium Grade Cotton Jersey T-shirts, in a short sleeve crew neck style. They are available in adult unisex sizes.

Other styles must be requested via a Print Quote request.


Can I mix T-Shirt sizes and colours within my order?

Your order of Screen Printed T-shirts needs to be ten quantity per design, however you can split this amount over different sizes or colours of shirts by adding a note to your order during check-out. Please make sure you indicate the colours needed for each size. If you forget to add the note placing your order, you can also call our Customer Service Line at 888 667 0067 and a representative can add this to the order for you. 


What are the environmental credentials of the T-Shirts?

The inks used for screen printing are water based and are free of PVCs and pthalates.


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