Applying White Ink Over Regular Ink (Screen Printing / Foiling)

Producing designs in white ink is only available through one of two specialty print processes: Screen Print (also known as silk screening) or Foil\.

We are able to print CMYK ink over top of screen printed designs, but the opposite process is not available. We cannot screen print directly over top of a printed artwork. This is due to application issues where the screen printed design does not adhere properly when placed over ink (it needs to be produced directly on the stock material).

One solution to this issue is to use a Matte Foil (available in many colors, including white) instead of a screen print method. We can foil stamp over top of printed artwork.

As this type of job would be considered a custom order, please submit a Custom Quotation form to receive a quote from our Print Estimations team.

If printed artwork is needed around/ beside the white (or other screen printed colour) a 1/16" safe margin around the screen printed element is needed. Slight shifting between the two processes in any direction would be expected, meaning there will be a risk of printing slightly over the white artwork if they are close together.

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