General Pricing for 3D Embossing


3D Embossed Production Pricing

If you have your own design to submit, you can submit a Print Quote request to receive pricing and place a 3D embossed order. Please note, your design will need to be approved for this service before proceeding. Our Estimations Team willget back to you with further information.

As it is our most premium print service, 3D embossing has a significantly higher price than regular embossing. 3D embossed business cards have a starting price of $1500 for a minimum quantity of 500.


3D Embossed Design Pricing

If you are interested in having our Design Department create your design files for you, please note that the cost of design for a 3D embossed project will start at $1000. This is due to the complexity of the setup, which will include 2-3 initial design concepts and two rounds of revisions to the selected design. You can submit a Design Service request to receive pricing from our designers.


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