Authentic Vintage Paper

Our Vintage Paper Collection is a special, limited supply of rare aged paper that we've collected from around the world. Ranging in age from 70-120 years old, this paper is beautifully authentic, complete with that old book smell and antique cream colour.

Because of its rarity, we are offering this paper exclusively via custom print request. It can be used for a variety of products such as vintage business cards, hang tags and more.

This naturally aged paper will vary in colour, markings and amount of wear, as each and every sheet has its own unique history. We have a range of thicknesses from 10pt-20pt available, as well as smooth or textured options, depending on your unique needs.

Please note that blank sheets are not for sale - we only offer this stock to be produced with custom designs, and can offer a range of print services for this product: digital printing, screen printing, foil stamping and letterpress.

We recommend letterpress for the most authentic final product, as this traditional print method fits with the vintage style and creates stunning results.

Choose vintage paper for projects like business cards, special edition product tags, or invitations for weddings with a rustic theme. Vintage paper is also a unique option to  create realistic props for movie sets and plays.

This unique paper is available for products up to 12" x 18".

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