Can I re-order past orders I placed from your old website?

Orders placed from our old website are not available for a direct re-order as our new website functions differently from our old site.

To re-order a past order, you will need place it as a brand new order. Use the Business Cards or Products menu tab from the header of our website to find your product. Note that we have updated some of the names of our stocks and coatings so that it's simpler and easier to understand. The names may not exactly match the specifications on your old invoice. *TIP: Our Business Cards menu tab has sub-categories based on stock, coating, print process and thickness. If you are unsure with what to choose, reach out to our Customer Service team or select the Callback option on the payment page of the ordering process so we can review your order with you. Nothing is final until you approve an online PDF proof, so we can still change your order details if need be.

After you have placed a standard order at least once on our new website, you will be able to seamlessly re-order that product from your Customer Account Center: Completed Orders. The order will be identical to the previous one, meaning the exact same print specifications and files will be used.

If you require any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Customer Service by email at or phone at 1.888.667.0067. As we are expecting a high volume of calls, please send an email if you are unable to connect with us via phone and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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