File Setup for Foil

File setup for foil can be a complex process and should be completed by an experienced designer. If you would like our Design team to create your foil design, please request a Design Quote and we will provide you with the costs.

Some of our stocks are only available with foil, like our Premium Black range. Other stocks allow for both ink printing as well as foil stamping. When the two print processes are combined, you will need to submit two separate files: one of your foil artwork and another of the artwork that is to be printed with ink. It is important to note that artwork printed with ink can only be registered to foil artwork via offset printing. If you are trying to align foil with other printed artwork, please keep in mind that shifting up to 1/16" may occur. 

Creating Your Foil Artwork as a Separations File

You will need to create a black and white file of your foil artwork; where the black areas represent the elements you want foiled and white areas indicate where you do not want foil. This can be done in many ways in your design program – by setting up new layers, defining a new artboard (new page) or creating a separate file.

  1. All foil elements need to be defined in black using 100 K only. The design must be created in vector format using design programs like Illustrator or InDesign.

    K100 BlackCMYK: 0, 0, 0, 100 Tute_100Kblack.png

  2. Name your files according to the TYPE, COLOR, SET and SIDE.
  3. Export each separation as a print-ready PDF file. If you have multiple foil colors in your order, you will need to supply a separate file for each color.
    • Example: One set of cards with gold foil on the front and silver foil on the back.
    • Names: "Foil_Gold_Set1_Front"  and "Foil_Silver_Set1_Back"

See: Finest Detail for Foil Artwork.



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