What types of Edge Finishing do you offer?

Foil (Silver)

Custom CMYK/Pantone


We offer 4 main types of Edge Finishing: Custom (CMYK/Pantone), Fluorescent, Metallic and Foil. For maximum impact of the edge finish, we recommend selecting a thick stock uncoated stock such as our Cotton stocks or 28pt Uncoated. Below you'll find a list of colors we have available for each of these finishes.

Custom (CMYK/Pantone)

With this option, you may supply a custom mix of CMYK or a Pantone color. Alternatively, we can try to closely match a color in your design. For this option, you will need to leave a comment about the special instruction, before you finish uploading your print-ready files to your print order. This way, our Prepress team can provide an appropriate online PDF proof. Please allow for up to 10% of color shifting.


  1. Neon Blue
  2. Neon Green
  3. Neon Pink
  4. Neon Orange
  5. Neon Yellow


These colors have a sparkly, glitter-like look and offer a subtle punch!

  1. Hot Coral
  2. Bright yellow
  3. Chartreuse Yellow
  4. Jade Green
  5. Light Blue
  6. Caribbean Blue
  7. Deep Lilac
  8. Mulberry Pink
  9. Silver
  10. Dark Gold
  11. Deep Bronze


For high metallic shine, choose one of our foil colors listed below:

  1. Silver
  2. Gold
  3. Coopper
  4. Black
  5. Rose Gold
  6. Bronze

See our Fluorescent & Metallic Edge Finishing color references here. 


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