What is the difference between Offset Silk Matte cards and Digital Silk Matte cards? 

The key difference between these two options is the print process, which affects the cost and the turnaround time.

Digital is a better choice if you require a small quantity (500 or less) and a quick turnaround time. It is available with a Same Day service and on the following stocks:

  • 10pt
  • 12pt Uncoated
  • 16pt
  • 16pt Vibrant Gray
  • 20pt
  • 24pt stocks  stock

Offset is more economical for larger quantity orders with no critical deadline. Offset produces higher quality of printing than Digital and will have better print results for designs with gradients, large areas of grey color or high resolution photographic images. It is available on 16pt stock only.

See: Design Considerations for Silk Matte

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