What are Mini Business Cards?


Also referred to as half-size business cards, skinny business cards or micro cards, Mini Business Cards are the new kids on the block. For a gauge on the size of these miniature creations, micro cards are small enough to be used as tags for craft projects, with general dimensions of 3" x 1.25" and 3.5" x 1.5".

Mini business cards are often printed on a card stock that is more heavy duty than standard-style business cards - and some are fortified with an extra layer of coating to give them additional aesthetic charm and durability.

Eye-catching and refreshingly different, the mini business card is fast-becoming the impression-maker of tomorrow, and for individuals or businesses looking to make their mark, designing, printing and distributing your micro offerings early could put you right where you want to be: in poll position.

Quickfire Mini Business Card Design Tips:

  • As you won’t able to fit as much information as you can on a standard business card, you should keep your design as simple as possible, displaying only the most essential of information.

  • If you do have information you need to share with your prospects but you don’t have the space to fit it on the front of your card, you add it to the back in a visually pleasing format.

  • You will want to make your contact information visible and easy to digest, so make sure the font size you use is no smaller than 6pt.

  • Use a relatively bright color for either the background of your card or for the main font, as this will really make your micro card pop.

  • Extend any element in your design file by a 1/8 inch beyond the trim edge of the card that looks like it might 'bleed'. The excess visuals will be cropped when the card is cut to its final size, ensuring your design is centerd, professional and visually pleasing.

If you’re looking to go all ‘micro’ with your promotional efforts, click here.

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