What are the benefits of printing on Premium Gray?

If you're familiar with the challenges of printing a gray coloured background, you will love our Premium Gray Collection. These options provide the perfect solution to achieving a consistent gray background. You can fully avoid the risks of banding and color shifting that usually occurs when printing large areas of gray ink by choosing one these exciting grey paper options. 

Our Premium Gray range of stocks offer unique textures, as well as unique shades to choose from. 16pt Vibrant Gray has a beautifully smooth uncoated surface that does not absorb ink as much as most other uncoated stocks, allowing for sharper detail and crisper print results. 18pt Dark Gray and 18pt Cool Gray stocks are smooth but with a more papery texture. 20pt Gray Pulp is a highly textured option with visual pulp fibres, that will be best suited to minimal ink coverage and less fine detail.



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