CMYK Color Mode

Most of our products are produced using process colors (4 color process or CMYK) where a percentage of cyan, magenta, yellow and black are mixed to obtain a desired color. This color process is used for our Offset and Digital print processes. We offer some exceptions and use Pantone inks for the following print process: Letterpress and Screen Print (see: Design Considerations for Letterpress and File Setup for Screen Print for more information).

Print-Ready Files

When creating your designs and preparing your print-ready files, it is imperative to use the correct color mode. CMYK color mode will give you the closest representation of print output on-screen.

We accept artwork in both CMYK, Pantone and RGB color mode; however, we highly recommend supplying artwork and files in CMYK mode so you have more control over the color and can make any necessary adjustments. Files that are not supplied in CMYK color mode will be converted to CMYK colour mode using profile U.S. Sheetfed v2. Note that some color shift can occur when converting a color mode to CMYK as different software can generate different conversions, which is why it is best to supply artwork and files in the correct CMYK color mode.



Certain colors displayed in RGB cannot be produced with CMYK printing (especially bright greens), and black colors will not be optimised for printing if produced in RGB mode. RGB color mode is a light/screen (additive) display mode. Your screen uses red, green and blue to display colors using light. Some applications (such as Microsoft Word) do not offer support for CMYK mode.

If you are supplying design files in RGB mode we strongly recommend placing your order with Proofing Type as “Online PDF Proof”. A PDF proof will be sent to you for approval before we print, with the colors converted to CMYK color mode for you to preview.


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